Site Survey/As-Builts

Our firm performs site surveying to gather data about the land's topography, boundaries, and features for construction planning. We also take as-built dimensions of the building/structure to obtain current measurements. This helps verify that the project was built according to a previous design plan and record any deviations for future reference.


Our team has transformed commercial spaces to better suit the needs of tenants, taking into account their specific operational and aesthetic requirements.


We renovate a wide variety of space types including restaurants, retailers, offices, multifamily apartments and industrial facilities. Our remodels transform spaces to meet new needs or trends, making changes from minor adjustments to full-scale overhauls. Example services include, office space reconfigurations, exterior updates, Additions to existing space, M/E/P updates, and more.


We have overseen projects from a vacant lot to a fully realized construction, coordinating every phase for seamless execution.


Our soft-story retrofits increase a building's resilience against seismic activity, transforming vulnerable lower stories into more robust structures. This strategy, crucial in earthquake-prone regions, brings safety and peace of mind.


For construction management, we use specialized project management techniques to supervise the planning, design, and construction of a project from start to finish. Our focus is on controlling the project's time, cost, and quality to ensure its successful completion.


We navigate the entitlement process, securing approvals needed to proceed with the project development. This includes rezoning, obtaining variances, ensuring environmental compliance, and securing building permits. We liaise with government bodies, handle paperwork, and attend public hearings, ensuring a smooth path to project commencement.