Whether its finding a new location, remodeling your existing store, or adding value to your property, our team will sit with you for a FREE consultation to discuss your project needs and programming.



Our in-house design and engineering team will develop and prepare the necessary documents for your permitting and construction needs.

Not sure what tile you want to use? We got you!

Custom bowling lane next to your wife's wine cellar? Hey, its your budget!



Our in-house construction administration team will facilitate the design to construction process.




3-1 Development, Inc. was derived from our core beliefs of


Design, Engineering, Real Estate, and Construction aspects are combined to provide in-house services for all types of projects in Commercial and Residential.

We can provide an A-Z process and flip you the keys at the end or simply provide design only. 


Whether its a property flip, home remodel, new restaurant, or ground-up construction, each of our key members provides the experience, knowledge and skills for project completion.

Our in-house and multi-faceted company allows us to work with our clients in any capacity!

Let us Discover, Design and Develop your project!

HABLAMOS ESPANOL! Repite la siguient frase  "La madera vieja se quema mejor" y receibiras un discuento en su proyecto!

After a combined 50+ successful years in their respective industries of architecture, engineering, construction, and real estate; the company's owners decided it was time to combine its expertise and resources under one roof.

All of us have come from working with Corporate and Celebrity clients for so long that we forgot about our local community. While rolling out chain restaurants and custom high-end residential is fun, what about the husband and wife team whose dream is to open up a coffee shop? Where do they start? Who is looking out to make sure they are getting proper (or any) TI allowance from their Landlord? Or fair pricing from a plumber for a new grease interceptor?

We don't like having to deal with 10 different consultants and you shouldn't either. Development of any kind should not be difficult so let's facilitate the process for someone who has never done any type of remodeling to the seasoned Corporate Director of Construction who is tired of dealing with Architects and their many Consultants.

With having our services in-house, we are able to provide low overhead but more importantly a single point of contact throughout the entire process.

Our team is very hands-on and a big believer in chemistry between us, our clients, and any consultant involved. A project can last from a few weeks to a few months and that is why we WILL insist on a face to face meeting before any contract is signed to ensure we are the right fit for each other and (oh yeah) the project!

Yes, we get that money makes the world goes round but sometimes having a better peace of mind and good relationship chemistry with one another is worth more than any project $$$ amount.




Our in-house General Construction Department offers the following services:

  • Preliminary Costs

  • Project Bidding

  • Project Management

  • Field Reviews

  • Value Engineering

  • Design-Build


Our in-house Design team offers the following services:

  • Program Development

  • Space Planning/Design

  • Construction Drawings

  • Plan Check Processing

  • Entitlement

  • Interior Design

  • FFE Purchasing & Coordination

  • Construction Administration

  • Existing Building/Site Analysis

  • 3D Renderings

  • Code Compliance


Our in-house Engineering team offers the following services:

  • Mechanical

  • Electrical

  • Plumbing

  • Structural

  • Civil


Our in-house Real Estate agent offers the following services:

  • Market Analysis

  • Lease Review

  • Buy vs. Lease

  • Investment Pro Formas

  • Needs Analysis

  • Site Selection

  • RE Space Planning


restaurants (new & remodels)

adu (accessory dwelling unit)


office space planning

tenant improvements

restaurant concepts & branding

home remodels

prototype 'roll-outs'


property 'flips' (residential & commercial)



We get it... Life can be confusing and questions lead to more questions. While we wish our in-house staff can answer and resolve all your problems, sadly, we cannot. Good news! Let's answer those questions that we do normally get...

QUESTION #1: "How much do you charge?"

You don't like surprises and neither do we! We all hate those Extra Fees and they can (and will) blow our budgets. We do not believe in providing any 'ball park' or 'what do you think?' costs for any project no matter how small. For any new project and client, our team will thoroughly discuss your proposed project and bring in the professionals upfront before anything is signed. We want to give you an 'all-in' price so you know what to expect before we move forward. Yes, there are cases where something unexpected can and will arise but let's try to minimize that together as much as possible!

QUESTION #2: "I want to open a restaurant. Why is the city telling me I need a grease mitigation device?"

First, let's educate you on what a grease mitigation device is. Don't get overwhelmed or bamboozled by outside parties with big fancy words. As a vegan wanting to know whats in their salad, we believe you should know and understand what you are getting into. You may know how to make a mean cheeseburger that you want to share with the community but let us teach you where and how that grease from the burger will be handled so it doesn't affect our community.  

QUESTION #3: "I already work full time. How can I make some extra money without getting another job?" 

GREAT QUESTION! That's where 3-1 Development, Inc. comes in! Our professionals will assess your property (residential or commercial) and provide you with our opinion to increase your property value whether its adding an accessory dwelling unit or demising your building to obtain another commercial tenant. We can provide you a Turn Key process starting with our Real Estate team to the Construction phase.

Let us DISCOVER the potential, DESIGN the opportunity, and DEVELOP the idea!



Contact Us

For any questions, consultations or talk about how GOT will end their last season, please call us or fill out the following form:


23862 Hawthorne Blvd. Suite 201

Torrance, CA 90505


​e: denise@3-1development.com

p: 310.294.1066


To apply for a job with 3-1 Development, please send a cover letter together with your C.V. to: denise@3-1development.com

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Denise Torres

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Denise is a born and raised South Bay native. Growing up in her father's Architecture business, she didn't think it was her calling as she was hoping to travel the world with her  International Business studies. After 1 summer job at the firm, she realized that Architecture is more than just picking colors for a bathroom but instead multi-faceted problem solving.

She has dedicated herself the last 15 years in the industry from residential to Corporate store rolls out such as Blaze Pizza, Quiznos, and Corner Bakery. Surrounding herself with other professionals such as engineers and contractors, she has developed a well rounded mindset to help her clients address any all project types from many angles.

"I love what I do and can't wait to get up every morning for a different challenge."


Danny Torres

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Danny's dream was to be a Professional Baseball player since picking up a baseball at the age of 2. After playing for his West Torrance High School Varsity, Travel + Money Ball, and Division II with Cal State Dominguez Hills, he realized that his greater passion was to be with his family and help run the business. 

Danny's experience in the Construction world and working side by side with his sister (Denise), helps to provide 'boots on the ground' and design-build relationship with any project.

"What's next to do?"


Matt Smith

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Starting in the Political/Union world, Matt's goal was to change the world one union member/voter at a time. Since meeting Denise (and now current wife), he was introduced to a whole new possiblity of development to help a community.

Utilizing his unique skill set, Matt felt the company and the family would better increase in value if he got his Real Estate license.

Since becoming licensed, Matt's focus is in the Commercial and Development aspect of Real Estate.


Working side by side with design, engineering, and construction enables him to give his client's more insight when looking at potential projects.

"How can I go above and beyond for my clients?"